We, the Nockberge Management and the Austrian MAB Committee, heartily invite managers of UNESCO biosphere reserves (BRs), scientists and representatives of institutions/associations connected to and working with BRs, to join us at the EuroMAB 2022 in the Nockberge Region of the BR „Salzburger Lungau and Kärntner Nockberge“ in Carinthia, the southernmost province of Austria.

As the hosts of the EuroMAB meeting it is our joint aim to reflect the essential character of our BR.

The culture of the region is equally as diverse as the natural environment and as unique as the landscape of the BR "Kärntner Nockberge & Salzburger Lungau". The local heritage, traditions and customs have been handed down for many generations, and are alive and relevant to the present day - thanks to the resident population and the efforts of highly committed associations. Historic buildings and authentic festivities are testimony to a multifaceted rural culture. This is not least attributable to the location of the BR in the southern part of Austria, near the borders with Slovenia and the region of Friuli Venetia Giulia (Italy). Over a period of many centuries this close proximity has facilitated a flourishing cultural exchange between the regions, which is currently being intensified with ever increasing efforts.

Within the framework provided by the "Senza Confini" (Without Borders) European Region established in 2012, Carinthia, Friuli Venetia Giulia and Veneto are cooperating as regions, with a view to the creation of equivalent living conditions in the borderlands, as a basis for actual and effective European integration.

The BR is the embodiment of this living tradition. It has, for example, a very close working relationship with the Slovenian BR Škocjanske jame and with the BR "Julian Alps" for many years already. The Alpe-Adria-Trail, a 750 km long-distance hiking trail, is indeed a tangible manifestation of this close relationship. It was co-founded by the BR "Kärntner Nockberge & Salzburger Lungau" and links the three regions of Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli Venetia Giulia (Italy).

In light of vast experiences of centuries-long cross-border cultural ties, the Nockberge region will provide the perfect setting for a successful EuroMAB 2022 meeting under the title "Tying cultures. Crossborder cooperation between societies and generations".

We organizers are particularly committed to

  • involve people and business from the region as well as BRs from neighbouring countries,
  • give young people a voice,
  • organize an environmentally friendly and resource-saving event with short walkable distances, waste prevention and regional culinary and cultural delights.

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